Sunday, July 18, 2010

Honda Indy Toronto...

I got home and am just beat from a weekend at the races. I managed to download all my shots and am very happy with the way they turned out. There are so many good shots I thought I would break it up a bit and spread it out over the next couple of days.
But tonight, I need a break.
I will say this though, race day was awesome, the weather perfect, and the action non-stop. Its still a far cry from the glory days in the 90's, but it was a vast improvement from last year. There is still a lot that can be improved upon at the Honda Toronto Indy, but man, there is nothing better then spending the weekend at the races right here in the heart of the city.
I will tell you more about it tomorrow, until then, I will leave with these shots of the CF-18 fly-by at the start of the race.
And congratulations to Will Power, for winning this year's Honda Indy Toronto.

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