Friday, July 16, 2010

Honda Indy Toronto Free Today!

The Honda Indy Toronto starts today and runs all weekend down at the Ex, with the big race on Sunday afternoon at 12:30pm.
Today is a practice day for all the teams, which means the cars will be out on track working on their set-ups for Saturday's qualifying.
This is a great day to get pictures of the drivers and their cars up close and to get their autographs, because its not usually as packed as it gets on the weekend.
And the best thing about today is that admission to the grounds and all the grandstands is free!
That's right you heard me, I said FREE!
If you have never experienced the thunder down by the lake, I suggest you check it out. I bet once you see those race cars up close as they fly down Lakeshore blvd, at close to 300kms/hr, you will be hooked.
See you down there!

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