Sunday, May 2, 2010

Costa Rica Day 5: ATV Tour

On Friday we hired a car and driver for the day to take us up the coast to a surfing town called Jaco, which was about 45 minutes from our hotel. On the way there our driver, Migel, stopped to show us the sights. This bridge is a popular spot for tourists to see crocodiles. You can see them sunning themselves along the river bank. This is also 8 kms from the Pacific ocean which means that they are salt water creatures and can be found in the ocean as well. The very next day we did see a croc in the Puntarenas harbour. And let me tell you, these were not small crocodiles.
Migel then took us to this ultra exclusive hotel located on the very top of a mountain over looking the ocean. It was incredible.
When we got to Jaco, we decided to go on an ATV tour through the mountains. It was super cool, because it was just me, my wife and our guide and we spent the next 4 hours exploring the Costa Rican jungle on ATV's. We stopped at one point to play with a monkey which had been domesticated by some residents who live in the mountains, and the monkey tried to molest my wife. Thankfully I have the pictures to prove it.
When we were done, we took a walk through Jaco and then watched some surfers do their thing.

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