Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jury Duty Take 2

So I was back at the court house for jury duty again this week. This being a shortened week due to the Easter long weekend, I had high hopes of making it to Friday without being picked for a jury.
Unlike last time, it started off promising yesterday morning. I managed to dodge a 5 week murder case due to vacation plans at the end of the month. Then yesterday afternoon, I was in another pool of potential jurors for a sexual assault trial. 80 people in my pool of about 100 were picked as potential jurors, I thankfully did not make the cut and was sent to the waiting lounge to wait until a jury had been selected, which didn't happened until this morning.
After some more waiting in the waiting room, we were released from the sexual assault case and sent back down to the jury pool room to await a new case.
Later in the morning my group was called again and we were sent up to another court room for jury selection on another case.
And that's when my luck ran out, I was selected as juror on a criminal case that will run until the end of next week.
So much for making it to Friday.
And the lesson to be learned from all of this?
There is no getting out of jury duty.
I guess this is what they call doing your civic duty...

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