Friday, April 2, 2010

Bike Season Begins

I dusted off the bikes yesterday and went for a ride. I took out my mountain bike first and went for a ride with my brother. Even though we have had some nice weather over the last few weeks, I've opted to wait until yesterday to pull out the bikes. And even with the delay, I think this may be the earliest that I have been out yet.My ass was sore today, but I toughed it out and took my road bike for a spin this morning.
I'm glad I did, as I'm thinking about entering the half distance of the Paris to Ancaster mountain bike race later this month with Tony and my brothers and there's no way my ass could do it without a little saddle time before hand to dial it back it after a winter of doing nothing.
I'm hoping to break 3000 kms this year and think it is totally doable.
Also thinking of joining the Beaches Bicycling Club for some serious Sunday rides, but not before I get myself back into a little better shape.
Welcome back summer!

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