Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hedley At Copps

The wife and I went to see Hedley last night at Copps coliseum in Hamilton. And I'm sorry to say, not one of the better shows that I have seen. Maybe it was the 5000 screaming 14 year old girls, or the horrible sound, or maybe it was the fact that Jacob Hoggart, lead singer and former Canadian Idol runner up, kept mentioning Hamilton, like even he couldn't believe he was there. It felt stiff and staged, like this was how it plays out every night in insert city name here across Canada. I know that this is part of the show biz thing, but maybe its because the band just hasn't been around long enough yet to know how to make it feel sincere. Don't get me wrong, this band has a string of hits from three albums over the last couple of years but they owe it all to their fan base -- the screaming 14 year old girls. I'm just not sure that once the interest of said 14 year old girl moves onto the next best thing that Hedley will have the longevity to make the transition from teen heart throbs to legitimate rock band. I guess only time will tell....

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