Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saturday Nights Will Not Be The Same: Martin Streek Gone From EDGE 102.1

I grew up in Toronto and a big part of my life in the late 80's and for most of the 90's was CFNY 102.1, the Spirit of radio (or as its now known, Edge 102).
Toronto at that time was a unique place for radio and CFNY was one of only a few radio stations in all of North America that would play alternative music. Needless to say this station was permanently tuned to all my FM receivers in the house and in the car.
These days, its not so prominent in my life anymore, the format has changed and frankly so have my tastes, but I still remember fondly those days when music played a big roll in my life and I have CFNY to thank for a lot of that.
So it was with great shock when I learnt today that Martin Streek has been fired. One of the only 2 remaining DJ's from that era that remain on the Edge (the other being Dave Bookie Bookman) has mysteriously disappeared from from the air and has had all bio info erased from their web site. Martin Streek was there when I started listening 20 years ago, hosting the Thursday 30 and live-to-air broadcasts from the Phoenix concert club.
I could not find any official word from the Edge, but that's not really surprising. In radio you're there one day and gone the next, replaced by a new format and new personalities.
You never really get to say good-bye in radio.
CFNY was the sound track to my life growing up, and Martin Streek was one of my tour guides.
Now all we have left is Bookie and his musical knowledge.
But from one long time listener, Saturday nights will no longer be the same. You will be missed.
Side Note: Barry Taylor another Edge personality is also missing from the website. Another casualty of the radio wars?

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