Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Month Of May

Apparently its been a busy month. Ok, not THAT busy, throw in a little laziness, and you can understand the distinct lack of posts. So to remedy that I just finished down loading the latest pictures from my camera, and for your enjoyment, here is a look at the month that was.
Self portraitThe wife liked this one I took of her.Is there any better way to celebrate the first of May, then with some drinks at your neighborhood bar? Relaxing with my boys.
The weather turned nice and our pool was officially opened for the season. And guess who wasted no time at all going for a swim?
Look who just turned 18 ... when the hell did that happen?!
We also took my other nephew out for drinks before he headed up north to plant trees again for his summer job. Headed to the next bar on the streetcar enjoying snacks.
My wife joined a softball league and I went to check it out with her parents. For someone who hasn't played since high school, she wasn't too shabby.
I was in a pet store and had to take a shot of this crazy cat hammock filled with crazy kittens.
Working on our golf game by hitting a bucket of balls at the Docks.
Some grass even grew in my backyard!And I even managed to get in some biking to boot!And that's the kind of month its been so far....

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