Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas So Far

I've got a couple of minutes between family dinners, so I thought I would update you with Christmas so far. It has been interesting, as always ... it started on Monday when we headed to London to see my wife`s family ... here's a shot of me and the Hobbes ready to go.... the dogs watching the squirrels from the window upstairs at my in-laws ...Traffic was unbelievable, in London and in Toronto.Picking up my brother, his girlfriend and their kid at the airport after a 14 hour flight from Dubai, Christmas Eve.We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's place. Santiago was the star of the night. My niece Sam, is also home from a year abroad teaching English in Japan.My oldest brother teaches everyone how to read between the lines.
My car, buried in the snow, with no chance for escape. The joys of street parking in the city...
Traffic Christmas morning, now that's more like it!
Next years Christmas card.
Opening gifts at my sister's house Christmas morning.
The wife gets a kimono all the way from Japan.
Too cool for this picture.Stay tuned, more to come...

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