Friday, November 21, 2008

Leash Police on the Prowl

To all our four legged friends and their owners: be warned, the leash police are out and about and are looking to put a damper on your day and your weekend down at the Beach. Thankfully the mutts and I were waved off by a fellow dog walker this morning, and we managed to avoid being fined for walking my two mutts without their leashes. (Funny, the only people out there in the cold this morning were the dog walkers.)
I was also told that the leash police and the real police will be out at the bottom of the Waterworks this Sunday handing out tickets. You can refuse to give your ID to the city leash police and take your chances, but if they are accompanied by the real police I wouldn't press your luck.

Maybe the removal of the signage along the storm fences was the bait. The trap has been set and blitz is on! mmmmm....

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