Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mountain Biking in the Don Valley

The Saturday morning ride this week was a mountain bike ride in the Don Valley. And even at the early hour of 9 am it was hot! Again the big group ride that was planned didn't materialize, so it was up to Tony and I to represent. Which isn't surprising since we have been riding these trails since we were 15 years old. The trail still ranks right up there as one of the most technical and challenging rides around. Here is a shot of a map of the trail ... unfortunately it is only half finished. The trail we ride follows the river off the the right, which doesn't appear to be mapped yet. This was Tony's first mountain bike ride of the season ... he did eventually manage to catch his breath. Taking another breather in the middle of the bush.Trying my best to keep up with Tony on a fast flat stretch my brother dubbed the Bunnie trail many years ago, take a picture that is in focus and not run off the trail into the river which is on either side.Got it!

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Carl Martens said...

The first ride of the season is always a tough one...I have to constantly remind myself to make the first ride an easy one, and gradually increase in difficulty...discouragement sucks!