Friday, July 11, 2008

iPod Classic beats out iPhone

After much thought, I have decided to give up the dream of owning an iPhone. And here are the reasons why ... I still have one year left on my existing cell phone contract ... a 3 year contract is the only way to acquire a new iPhone ... lets see, carry the one, divide by 36 ... holy shit! That's alot of money over 3 years ... Some other reasons include, I already have a couple of really good camera's ... then I guess all I'm really looking for is the mp3 player ... hello iPod Classic ... not as flashy as the new iTouch iPod, but it can still play video, store photos and it has an eye popping 80 gig capacity ... can you say music library at your finger tips that will keep everyone happy on those long road trips. As far as I'm concerned, a much smarter choice in the long run...

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