Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Front Porch Fun

My front porch has been in need of painting for awhile now. After procrastinating all summer, it finally took the coming of winter for me to get off my ass and get in gear.
But first, I had to get my porch repaired before I could paint it. Some of the wood had rotted and needed to be replaced. To do this, I called in my regular handyman, Mr. Fixit, to get the hard part done. What was supposed to be a half day repair, turned into a two and a half day job spread out over a week and a half. Gotta love old houses.
When all the wood work was done it was finally time to get down to work. With the help of my wife, and mother nature, we managed to get the painting done this past weekend in 20 plus degree weather. Calvin even helped out, with his face.
As I sit here typing this I'm looking out at the rain that has begun to fall and know that I got this job done just in the nick of time, Fall has arrived.
Ain't procrastination grand?

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