Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boat in a Bag

The other day my wife bought an inflatable kayak. It is literally a boat in a bag.Nothing to assemble, just unfold and pump it up. From start to finish it takes less than 10 minutes including pumping time, which was less then 5 minutes. Out on the lake, it was more stable then a traditional kayak, because of its flatter bottom, and it seemed to steer a bit straighter than a traditional white water kayak, which is exactly what you want in a big lake like Lake Ontario. Because it is inflatable, it is much lighter then a traditional boat, which for the wife was important. She was able to carry the boat, paddle and everything else she needed all by herself and all in one trip from the car to the water and back again.And once all the fun was done, it can be deflated and put back into its bag and into the trunk of the car in less time then it took to put it together. I think my wife would give boat in a bag, two thumbs up!

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