Monday, August 8, 2011

Dinner At N.OIR

It was our 11th wedding anniversary last Friday. To celebrate we went to dinner at this place called NOIR, where your entire dinner is eaten in the dark, as in pitch black.
When you arrive, you place your order at the bar. You can choose your appetizer, entree and dessert or you can let the house decide for you and be surprised. The wife choose calamari, fillet minion and sherbet for dessert. I choose the surprise option.
After our selections were made we were lead to the door of the dinning room where we were met by our waiter, who was blind. He explained to us how it would all work, like the set up of the table and how to get his attention, and then he led us to our table.
This is what it looked like.
It was an interesting experience. Eating in the dark is supposed to allow your other senses to take over, which is supposed to help bring out the flavour of your food. While this may be true, it would certainly of helped if the food was actually worth eating.
The wife enjoyed her meal, I on the other hand found my food to be just average. Eating portobella mushroom salad when you can see it is tough. In the dark was almost impossible. I had to use my hands to find where the food was on my plate, which got to be quite messy, which really didn't make me happy. My main, which I think was chicken, was dry and I think it came with potatoes and green beans, nothing really worth writing about. Dessert was chocolate mouse cake and it was pretty good, but at this point I was done eating with my hands and was tired of the dark. At no point was I told what it was I had eaten, so I had to go on what I had read on the menu. Maybe if I had actually known what I was eating, like my wife did, it would of turned out better, but I doubt it.
An interesting experiment, but definitely something that I would not do again.


purple said...

ha, you should have used your flash on the camera!

Mad Mal and Hobbes (and calvin too!) said...

I had to even take off my watch and put it in my pocket so you couldn't see the dials.
If the intent was to make me feel what it was like to be blind, it worked!