Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Saturday Ride with the Beaches Cycling Club

I made it out for only my 3rd group ride of the season this past Saturday.
It was a pretty big turn out and I was able to hold my own all the way to the zoo.
It was at this point that the group split up, with the majority going on to Stouffville, and a smaller group which turned for home. I opted to head back with this group, but they were fast and I couldn't keep up.Another rider, Corinne, who was a much better rider then me, stayed with me and let me draft off her on the way back. We caught up to the group again and hung with them for a few kilometres, only to be dropped again for the final time as we climbed up Scarborough Golf Club road. Corinne stayed with me and we rode the rest of the way home together. Even though it was just the two of us we still managed to set a blistering pace home and we finished the route in record time. You can check out my intervals, here.
Notice kilometers 32 to 37, that was when we were drafting off the fast group on the ride home.
And then look at the final kilometers, 43 to 46, unbelievably fast for me.
Its weird, I know my riding has improved a lot this year, but these guys go out every week. So even though my level of fitness has improved, theirs has as well, and as long as I only ride with them once every few weeks, I pretty sure I'm not going to reach their level of fitness any time soon.
It doesn't matter though, because there will always be someone in the group, like Corinne, who will offer you their draft, to help pull you along to the finish line. It can be tough and it will make you hurt, but in the end its all about having fun and enjoying yourself, and that's why I enjoy club riding.
pictures courtesy of Dan, BCC

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