Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sophie's Great Adventure

On our first stop on our European adventure, we spent a couple of days with my brother, his wife and their two kids, Santiago and Raphael. When Santi heard that this was only our first stop and that we were going to be seeing many more places while we were in Europe, he decided that he wanted to come along too, but his mom convinced him that he was too young and would miss his family too much.
So my wife came up with the idea of taking one of their toys, a giraffe named Sophie, with us. The idea being that we would take pictures of Sophie at all the famous sites we saw for my nephew and then send him the pictures when we got home.
We had so much fun with this little toy along our journey, that when we got home, I decided to turn the pictures my wife took into a book for them called "Sophie's Great Adventure".
Here are some of the pictures we took of Sophie on our trip.
Sophie in Salzburg, Austria.
Venice, Italy.
The Coliseum, Rome, Italy.
Trevi fountain, Rome, Italy.
The Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy.
Vatican City.
Pisa, Italy.
Nice, France.
Paris, France.
Dieppe, France.
Antwerp, Belgium.
Amsterdam, Holland.
Frankfurt, Germany.
Toronto, Canada.
We hope to make this into a website or Facebook page where people can post their own shots of Sophie. We also decided to keep Sophie and buy my nephew a new one to send along with the book we made of her European travels. The original Sophie will now be coming along with us on all of our future travels and we will post her travel pictures online.

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