Monday, June 22, 2009

The Stig Revealed!!

One of the best shows on TV is a British show called Top Gear. Its a show all about cars, from super cars to the every day cars you find parked in your drive way. But what makes this show so good is the way that they review these cars. They put them through tests that are so crazy and insane you can only laugh.
The wife and I call it "car porn".
One of the more popular segments of the show is they have a celebrity guest drive an average car around a track and time them. Those results go on a big board in the studio for all to see and it becomes a big competition for bragging rights between all the guests on the show.
They also have a mystery driver named the Stig who takes the car they are reviewing and puts it through the paces on that same track. Those times also go on a big board in the studio.
The Stig, who is so obviously a race car driver, never talks and his identity has always been a big mystery to everyone who watches the show ... that is until yesterday.
To open the shows 13th season with a bang last night, the identity of the Stig was revealed. Any guesses? Last chance...

Are you kidding me?!
That's right kiddies, the Stig is none other then 7 time F1 world champion, Michael Schumacher!
Top Gear can be seen in Canada on BBC Canada. Check your local listings, and check it out; you won't be disappointed, I promise
Apparently there is a Stig for every occasion. Schui, it appears, was just the "Ferrari Stig".
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