Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doing The Don, Take 2

So yesterday seemed like the perfect day to hit the Don Valley for an afternoon ride. I was on days off and my buddy Tony had a free afternoon. So we met up for a ride. And as we started off I noticed that I still had not loosened my clipless pedals. Last time I went out, I couldn't get my shoe unclipped fast enough and crashed. I had meant to loosen it but forgot.
As we started off Tony asked me if I had done it and I said no. He then asked if I wanted to stop and adjust them as he had the tools with him.
"No, I should be OK", I said ... famous last words ...
So I crash again, because I couldn't unclip fast enough.
This is the branch that I landed on...... and this was my back the next day.
Maybe I should stick to my road bike.
Thanks to Tony for getting my camera out of my pocket and taking pictures while I tried to figure out if I was going to die or not. Good work buddy, good work.
For those of you keeping count, that's Don Valley 2, Mad Mal 0.

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