Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goodbye Commisioners Road

After 33 years of living in the same house on Commisioners road in London, Ontario, my in-laws are packing up and moving. Not just to the other side of town mind you, no, they are moving 200 plus miles east to a small town just north of Toronto. The countdown has begun, and because of this my wife wanted to make the trip up to her childhood house one last time to say goodbye.As a kid growing up, my family moved around a bit from house to house, so I can't imagine what 33 years in one place is like. So instead, I thought I would show you instead. This is 33 years. Each room full of boxes... Surprisingly my wife`s brother was in town as well. Which meant time for one last family photo in front of the old homestead.OK, make that two!One last look at the backyard... ... and then a toast to 33 years of wonderful memories on Commisioners road.

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