Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coyote Causes Scare In The Beaches

Run for your lives! Keep your small kids close and your cats and dogs inside, cause they might just get snatched by the coyote running wild in the Beaches!! WTF?!? Check it out...

Officials with Toronto Animal Services are concerned about safety in the area after the coyote snatched a Chihuahua from a backyard in broad daylight on Saturday.
Another dog was seriously injured in a separate attack in recent weeks. People living in the area near
Neville Park Blvd. and Queen St. E. are understandably concerned, especially those with small children.
Animal Services officials said they're looking at a number of options, including asking residents to keep an eye on their garbage and watch their smaller pets. The second option is to set a humane trap however that's admittedly difficult to do with coyotes, which often sense a trap. The final option is to bring someone in to shoot it, an idea that doesn't sit well with everyone.
"I don't like the idea of getting rid of wildlife," area resident Kathleen Barret admitted. "We are as much encroaching on their territory so it's about respect. If it gets out of hand you can do something about it. Maybe we need to monitor it and see if it gets worse."
Another local resident opines: "It could be captured and set loose somewhere else."
Currently officials are searching for the coyote's den.
Another animal was spotted walking in and out of traffic near Highway 401 and the Allen Expressway.
Officials said tranquilizer darts couldn't be used on coyotes because they take 20 to 30 minutes to work. Also, if a dart misses its mark it could injure residents or pets later on.
It's believed the animals are attracted to the area because of some food source, whether it's garbage or something else. Bird feeders are apparently also a potential problem because they increase the number of rodents and birds in a given area.
Wildlife officials want to pinpoint what that food source is so that more animals don't move into the area.

The last time wildlife encroached on the beaches was last summer when cougars could be seen prowling the boardwalk and Queen street, looking for their favorite prey, young men.....
courtesy of http://www.citynews.ca

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