Friday, October 17, 2008

The Power of Mom

So yesterday on way back from my daily ride, I came across a park I ride through just full of elementary school kids. It was some sort of a multi school athletic type function and there was kids literally everywhere, including the bike path.
So I slowed right down and began to weave my way through the crowd of children and parents on the bike trail. One hand on my brake and the other on my bell. Just as I am almost clear, a little girl steps right in front of me. I jam on the brakes, too late. I knock her over and then me and the bike begin to crash down on top of her.
Suddenly, out of no where this lady puts herself in between me on my falling bike and the child on the ground. A couple of other woman from out of no where grab onto me and my bike from behind. The woman between me and the child on the ground, begins to hold me from falling on top of the child with one hand while with the other hand she picks up the child and hands her to another mom from the crowd.
This is all happening in a blink of an eye, but also in super slow-motion. I'm trying to get my body set to fall on top of this child with as little pain as possible and realize that I am hanging in the air, one leg off my pedal, the other still locked in above this little girl, who gets scooped up and is standing before I can even mange to get untangled from all the arms that are holding me suspended in mid-air.
It was like out of one of those stories you always hear about, where the mother gets super human strength to save her child. It was crazy, these mom's stepped in and saved the day. What a surreal experience. And the mom whose kid I hit was more concerned that I was OK. And the lady that grabbed me in my special place to keep me from falling, was more embarrassed than I was!
Long story short, everyone is OK and walked away without injury. Thanks to the quick actions of the Power of Mom's...

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purple said...

I would pay to see a video of that. I wouldn't suggest you use the term "long story short" when you're talking about being grabbed "down there"!