Sunday, October 12, 2008

F1: Japanese GP in Review

What is going on with F1?!
The Japanese GP was another great race full of surprises. I hardly recognized the race track, what happened to the famous Ferris wheel in the background and more importantly where did Alonso in the Renault come from so late in the season to take two wins in a row!
Upon further review, I have to say the penalty to Lewis Hamilton was another bogus call for McLaren by the FIA. Start of the race into turn one, Hamilton had a bad start, but tries to make up for it by out-breaking Kimi into turn one. Both cars lock up thier brakes and Kimi is forced off onto the warning track. That is called racing, turn one always equals a lot of craziness with drivers trying to out-brake, or over-take where they shouldn't, and just a lot of overcompensating by everyone. But Hamilton however is given a drive through penalty for his efforts?!
Lap 2 Massa is passed by Hamilton, tries to come back in the next turn and goes off and comes back to hit Hamilton who clearly had the line. Hamilton spins out, and Massa continues on. Drive through penalty assessed to Massa in the Ferrari. Clearly, a penalty had to be called there.
And finally Ferrari's Felipe Massa finished the race eighth, but was promoted to seventh when stewards applied a 25-second penalty to Sebastien Bourdais' finishing time for their collision at the end of the pitlane. How is that possible? It wasn't like Bourdais was a lap down, he was fighting for position. Another bullshit call.
With Hamilton out of the points following a pitstop and penalty for his botched first corner, it means Brazilian Massa closes to within five points of the Briton with just two races to go in 2008.
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