Friday, October 3, 2008

Biking Update

First week of October and still going to strong. The weather is changing along with the leaves, it's staying darker longer and it's getting colder. The strong Fall winds have have returned and you can tell that winter can't be far off. But before I bring the bike in for another season, I am going to get out there and enjoy the time I have left before the weather turns ugly and I am stuck going no where fast on a trainer in the basement.
Here are some stats from my season of biking so far.
Distance travelled since mid-July (When I finally got around to fixing my trip computer) 1143 kms.
Guesstimate from when I started in April to mid-July, Lets call it 1000 kms
Total 2143 kms
Average Speed: @ start of the season 25-26kms/hr
now 28-32kms/hr
weight loss (depending on what day I step on the scale) 15-20 lbs
I have to say I am pretty impressed with those stats. Just another reason why I love biking!

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