Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scramble at Yonge and Dundas

One of Toronto's busiest intersections is now a test track for a new way of crossing the street. It's known as the scramble. What it means is that vehicle traffic stops with red lights in all four directions, followed by a pedestrian free-for-all, where people cross the intersection in any direction they choose: left, right, diagonally.
Toronto politicians decided to try out the scramble at four intersections: first up is Yonge and Dundas, followed by Yonge and Bloor, Bay and Bloor, and Bay and Dundas.
Some people like the idea, while others worry it might not be totally safe.
The city says it will be safer for pedestrians and better for cars, because when vehicle traffic is moving there will be no turning restrictions.
But the new signals will mean more delays for drivers on Yonge Street, as the time stopped at red lights will increase.
"It's time to give greater priority to pedestrians and a bit less priority to automobiles," said Gary Welsh, general manager of the city's transportation services when the idea was floated earlier this year.
I happened to be down at Yonge and Dundas today and tried the scramble crossing out myself. It seems to work well, but it was a little weired crossing the road diagonally. Even weireder to walk out into the middle of the intersection and take a picture with all lanes of traffic stopped.
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