Monday, August 25, 2008

Biking the Don Valley

We managed to make it out yesterday morning even after Saturday night's festivities. Man was it hot, and we both did not have alot of gas in the tank, but we sweated it out and damn if we didn't feel better for it afterwards. Someone is doing alot of work to the trail. This was only our third time mountain biking in the Don Valley this year, but we've noticed some pretty cool changes each time. This time we noticed that someone, most likely the city, built a number of switchback up this steep hill. It really used to be a ball buster climbing up this hill at the end of your ride, and it made it for some pretty intense downhills descents as well. The switchbacks were a nice addition to the trail, it gives you a great view of the valley as you head down at start of your ride and it takes a bit of the strain off the legs on the way back up at the end.Taking a break at the end of the bunny trail, a high speed trail which runs along the Don river.

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