Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bad To Worse

I think its safe to say we are all tired of winter, especially my dog Calvin.
Calvin injured himself yesterday while out on our afternoon walk along the beach. I'm not quite sure how or where he managed to do it, but all of a sudden I looked down and his foot was covered in blood. After getting him home and cleaned up enough to have a look, we quickly determined that this was a job for the Vet. Unfortunately our regular Vet was all booked up and they sent us on to another clinic down the street who were able to see him right away. They had to cut off is nail at the base of his paw and then bandaged him up and sent him home with some pain killers and antibiotics. He has to wear a plastic cover they fashioned out of an IV bag over his bandage when we go outside to keep it dry. That should be FUN!
And if that wasn't bad enough, the Vet said Calvin is over weight and needs to lose about 10 to 12lbs!
Poor Calvin, yesterday was not his day.
Update: I took Calvin to the Vet yesterday to get his paw looked at and his bandages changed. Everything looked good and he was sent home without any more bandages. I also spoke with the Vet about Calvin's weight, looks like he is going on a diet.
Poor Calvin, when will the humiliation end?


purple said...

Poor Calvin. Dogs hate that crap on them.

Claire Askew said...

Awe give calvin i kiss from me!