Thursday, February 24, 2011

Am I Hip?

I got a new App for my iPhone the other day called Hipstamatic, which is a camera that takes pictures with an aged, Instamatic Polaroid type look. It says it can transform a boring shot into a picture that pops. I decided to try it out and bought it for a $1.99 on iTunes. It has various lens, flashes and film to choose from which give you a variety of cool effects. I have been playing around with it a little bit and am pretty happy with the results. For a crappy little camera phone, this App really does makes your pictures pop.
Here are some shots I took using Hipstamatic, check it out...
Pretty hip for 2 bucks.

1 comment:

Claire Askew said...

You are definitely hip!:) I really like those pics. Especially the one that Sam is in and the one with your doggie.