Saturday, June 19, 2010

G8 Comes To The Beach

I took these shots on my ride this morning down in the Portlands.
This is the empty lot that Cirque du Soleil usually sets up in when they come to town. Two weeks ago this lot was empty and then a week ago a fleet of brand new Dodge caravans appeared all parked row upon row.
Today it had become a parking lot filled with cars. As it turns out this is where all the police officers from other forces across the country are staged. The Dodge caravans were all gone, now in use as police vehicles for the G8 summit.
I also snapped a couple of shots of the coppers training for the up coming summit. This is as close as I dared. No snapping away till I got the right shot this time. This was a quick couple of snaps, then put the camera away and get the hell out of there. These guys did not look like they were in the posing mood, if you know what I mean....

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