Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sam's Birthday Dinner

It was my niece, Samantha's 27th birthday yesterday and to celebrate the occasion, my sister took us out to  internationally renowned chef Susur Lee's restaurant, appropriately called Lee, for dinner.

It was a culinary experience that would best be described as foodies gastric wet dream. The meal, was a selection of appetisers and main dishes selected by the chef, presented and served on small plates which are then shared with everyone at the table. The portions are intentionally small, just enough for you to experience the full flavour of each dish on your palate, but the plates of tasty Asian-French fusion keep coming and by the time dessert finally shows up, there is barely enough room left for it. But just like the rest of the meal, dessert was a dish designed to be shared with the table and it was really good.

Happy birthday Samantha and thanks to my sister for the great dinning experience.

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