Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The wife and I went to see Backbeat - the birth of The Beatles, on Saturday at The Royal Alexandra Theatre.

Backbeat is the musical journey of how the group the Beatles began, focusing on the early years with members Pete Best on drums and the forgotten fifth Beatle, Stuart Sutcliffe and his relationship with John Lennon and the rest of the group.

If you were a true Beatles fan, this is would be all be old news to you, and judging by the majority of crowd that was in attendance, it was, but if you were just a casual fan, then this story would have been very hard to follow.

Sure there was some Beatles tunes, but because this was a story of how the band began, there were a lot of  other stuff thrown in there as well to highlight the sounds of the times and the covers they had to do in order to become the band that we all know today.
There was also a lot of important facts that they glossed over or moved around in order for the story lines to work which added more confusion to the already hard to follow show.
While I didn't hate it, I certainly didn't love it either.
Lets just say it was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the city with someone you love.
I give Backbeat a 5 out of 10.

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