Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cottage Life

We went up to the cottage this weekend for a little rest and relaxation. Here are some shots from our trip.
Headed to the island.
Rock jumping, Hobbes' style.
Dirty dog.
Hobbes loves the island life. He likes to push rocks around in the bay with his paws and can do this all day if we let him. We call it Hobbes' zen garden.
It was overcast and cloudy on Sunday, so we went shopping in Huntsville and on the way back it started to rain like a son of a bitch. The boat ride back to the island was in a rain storm. Hobbes showing me how much he loves the cottage.Because the cottage is on an island, the dogs are allowed to roam as they please. They usually end up here, playing in the water. My canoe adventure.
The island from the canoe.

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