Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grand Prix of Bahrain: Live Blogging

Watching the first race of the F1 season, the Grand Prix of Bahrain.

And for the first time in a long time I am actually looking forward to this season.
New rules, particularly the no refueling rule should make for an interesting year. This is supposed to generate more passing in the actual track and not in the pits. They estimate that pit stops will be around 3 seconds for tire changes instead of the 8 to 10 seconds for tires and fuel.

The front wing is much smaller, it no longer looks like the blade of a snow plough. And the bigger capacity fuel tanks, have many teams adding a shark fin wing behind the drivers head that makes the car look like a rolling billboard. Overall, I like the look of this years cars. A lot more sexier then last years.

Schumacher is back after 3 years away. Can he dominate like he once did or is he too old and too slow. I think he can do it, can you say drivers championship?
Lots of driver changes, and new teams to learn as well.
Alonso at Ferrari with Massa. Hamilton and Button both at McLaren. Schumacher at Brawn, which is now Mercedes. Barrichello at Ford Cosworth.

Sebastian Vettel in the Redbull has picked up where he left off last year qualifying P1. Ferrari seems to have gotten their shit together as well and qualified P2 and P3 on the grid.

3 second pit stops are not going well so far for the new teams. Top teams as usual are on their game. Passing on the track? Nope, top teams still using pit stops to pass slower cars.

Massa looking no worse for wear after his head injury. Fernando Alonso now driving for Ferrari is driving it like he stole it.

So far still F1 of old. Two groups racing, top teams and the back markers ---BORING.

Lap 19 ... finally someone -- Hamilton, is making a race of it. Passes Barichello on track for 5th position. But there is so much space between the front runners right now it might as well be a parade.

This race is so boring the are showing us replays of the leaders passing back markers.

Lap 34 ... starting to get interesting ... Vettel's Redbull in P1 having problems. Alonso and Massa in the Ferrari's are chomping at the bit. Alonso passes Vettel for P1.

Lap 35 ... Massa goes by for P2.

Looks like Vettel is slowly going backwards. Hamilton in his McLaren is closing the distance.

Lap 37 ... Vettel pleading with his team on the radio to see if there is anything they can do to fix the problem.

Lap 38 ... Hamilton makes the pass and now sits in P3. Vettel back to 4th with Nico Rosberg and Button closing.

5 laps to go ... Vettel still holding off Rosberg and Button for 5th.

3 laps to go ... Rosberg is all over Vettel's ass.

Last lap ... Alonso wins in his first race for Ferrari, followed by Massa in second and Hamilton in 3rd. Vettel survies in 4th, Rosberg in 5th and Schumacher in 6th in his first race in three years, and Button 7th.

Looks like Ferrari and McLaren are back on top. Next up, the IRL season opener in Sao Paulo, Brazil, later this afternoon.
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